Medical Schemes

Company Medical Schemes

With the escalating cost of Health Care, I propose an affordable Outpatient Medical Scheme for your Company.

The Scheme will cover 95% of your staff medical needs, and keep them healthy with cost effective treatment by avoiding unnecessary tests and medicines.

If I am appointed your company Doctor, I will strive to keep your staff fit, so as to avoid unnecessary sick offs. I will advice healthy lifestyles and offer preventive medication/treatments to avoid chronic ill health.


The staff is entitled to unlimited consultations at my clinic, which is open through lunch hours during weekdays from 8 AM to 8 PM and on Saturdays from 8 AM to 4 PM.

I would prefer your staff to come even daily during acute illness so that I can monitor their condition closely.


In cases where staff need to be observed for a few hours or put on a drip, that would be arranged at my clinic at NO extra cost.

I would also carry out suturing, minor operations under local anesthetic, ear syringing at my clinic, as part of this scheme.


In case of serious illness which requires hospitalization, I would admit them to Seifee Foundation Medical Center or any other private Hospital. I have visiting rights to Mewa, Agakhan, Pandya, Mombasa and Jocham Hospitals or I can refer them to any Government Hospital

IN PATIENT will be charged separately.


Cases where staff requires consultant opinion, I would arrange appropriate appointments and referral after consultation with your office.

The consultant can either bill me or your office directly.

I would also ensure that they get the right treatment with the most appropriate consultant.

Dental, Optical, Maternity and Physiotherapy will be considered specialist treatment among others.


Simple x-rays and specialized tests like Barium Meals, Ultrasound, CT Scans, MRI will be charged separately.


Basic tests such as Malaria, Blood counts, Urine, Stool, Pregnancy tests will be covered under the scheme but specialized Laboratory investigations will be charged separately.


Good quality Generics and Injections will be given from my clinic. Any specialized medicines, example chemotherapy and medicines for chronic illnesses will be charged separately.


I shall offer FREE HIV testing and counselling for any new and/or present staff. I shall also offer FREE HIV & TB medicines, being a part of the GOLDSTAR NETWORK. Blood testing for CD 4 counts and viral loads will be charged separately.


In case of emergency, during Sundays, public holidays and night time, the staff can use medical services at Saifee Foundation Medical Centre in Bondeni. The extra tests or medicines will be charged separately. For any problems you can contact Doctor Fidalis @+254736646737.


My monthly retention charges as your Company Doctor would be calculated at the rate of 200/- to 500/- Kenyan Shillings per staff per month depending on the level of services you require and the number of staff you have in the company. I assure you the best services in good faith.