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WHAT IS QRS?Quantron Resonanz System(QRS)
QRS is a medical device which can also be used for home-use.
It offers complimentary treatment to other medical therapies: inflammation / heart diseases/ arrhythmia/ insomnia stress /kidney/liver/diabetes/ wound and bone healing / sexual dystunction / dental/ eye / brain stroke/ chronic pain / sports etc.
The technology makes use of Pulsating Electro Magnetic fields under patented natural frequencies which mimic the natural frequencies of your body and of life.
QRS therapy normally does have a positive effect on STRENGTHENING the immune system.
And QRS therapy results in improved ENERGY production and functioning of the cells in your body which means your cells will be better equipped to fight against the virus and it’s negative effects
When used as complimentary therapy,can have a POSITIVE EFFECT ON REDUCING THE SERIOUS HEALTH EFFECTS OF COVID -19 VIRUS by strongly improving the blood circulation (including increasing the uptake of oxygen by the red blood cells at the alveoli/lungs)and by reducing the inflammation(which is of crucial importance)
QRS is not able to cure covid-19 but will greatly improve your chances of fighting the infection.It does not have side effects.
WHY SHOULD YOU USE QRS?✓Improves blood circulation(especially the circulation in the capillaries,the so called micro circulation)✓Preventive against all chronic diseases such as brainstroke.✓ When used as a complimentary therapy,can result in a strong reduction of chronic pain.✓ Relieves the main symptoms of corona virus.✓ Increases energy production by all body cells in your body.✓ Helps in reducing inflammation.✓ Saves your life when you suffer from corona virus,the risk of dying is low.✓ Treat the cause of the chronical diseases.✓100% therapy with no side effects.

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